Squeaks and Rattles

Antifriction coatings, dry film lubricants, synthetic grease and a selection of felts and foams, all for the elimination of automotive interior trim ‘Squeaks & Rattles’

Electrical Connector Lubricants

Fretting corrosion problems? Water ingress issues? Insertion force reduction? We have an electrical/electronic connector lubricant for you

Bearing Lubrication

Need better bearing performance? Extended functional life? Static discharge requirement for your bearing? We have a selection of high performance synthetic lubricants available for the most demanding of bearing applications

Synthetic Lubricants for Automotive Component Lubrication

We offer speciality synthetic oil and grease for component lubrication throughout the vehicle – powertrain, chassis, suspension, electrical, interior and exterior moving parts

Gear Lubrication

Speciality synthetic grease for challenging gear applications

This site is used to service small volume customers of Newgate Simms and is the European small volume distribution website for Nye Lubricants, LIP Antifriction Coatings and others. Payments are taken via credit/debit cards or PayPal.

In addition to our numerous partnerships, Newgate Simms offer a range of exclusive, niche application products for a variety of market sectors, including the Squeaks & Rattles Kit. Please browse our products by application or if you know the product you want, use the search field towards the top of the website.

Browse by application

If you are don’t know the name of the product you need but want to search by application/task for your product, you can browse through some of the applications for our lubricants and chemicals

Tech Support Site

We have a technical support site that that mainly focuses on our synthetic lubricants range - case studies, product selection guides and test and theory related videos.....for the more geeky of our customers, we recommend you take a look.