Interior Trim Noise (Squeaks and Rattles)

We offer an extensive range of products to solve all automotive interior trim squeak and rattle (S&R) or noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues:

  • Antifriction coatings
  • Dry film lubricants
  • Synthetic greases and oils
  • Felts, foams and tape

We offer cutting edge solutions to overcome difficult automotive interior trim noise problems resulting from a variety of material combinations, some examples and product suggestions:

  • Leather on leather (premium leather seating) – AC612/21
  • Leather on plastic – PEOX DF or AC612/21 (applied to Leather) or AC F27 (applied to plastic)
  • Rubber on glass (window and sunroof seals) – AC602/2 (applied to rubber)
  • Plastic on plastic (e.g. ABS on ABS) – AC F27
  • Metal on plastic – AC F27 (applied to plastic) or AC644-W(applied to metal)
  • Metal on metal (e.g. seat tracks or metal hinges) – UniFlor 8470 (oil) or Nyogel 774L (grease) or AC644-W (dries to form hard film)

Please note that AC612/21 is a versatile product and good all rounder so has been specified for applications not originally designed for. In addition, as AC612/21 is available in the 50ml pump spray, it can be used as a fault finding product. We recommend you take a look at our updated LIP Product Selection Guide before choosing an individual product for a noise problem.

Products can be purchased individually or as part of a comprehensive Squeaks & Rattles kit. The components of the Squeaks and Rattles kit are used by automotive professionals around the world to eliminate unwanted interior trim noise. All those irritating rattle, squeaking, buzzing, creaking and ticking noises can now be dealt with using this collection of high performance products.

Within this category you can purchase a complete S&R kit and/or individual components of the kit. In addition there are other more niche products for specific noise problems and surfaces – an example is the product AC644-W which is used on plastic or metal surfaces; this product dries to form a hard film, the thickness of which can be varied to help tackle unusual trim problems. Also for sale is Nye Lubricants squeaks & rattles oil Uniflor 8470 which is a cost effective alternative to Carbaflo/KSP105 (uses the same PFPE chemistry).

There is a product that caters for the treatment of most material combinations found inside a vehicle – leather, vinyl, plastics, polished wood, rubber, glass and decorative metals. Dealing with all vehicle trim interior noise cannot be done with just one type of product due to the various material combinations, e.g. Leather on plastic, vinyl on wood, leather on leather etc. Normally, only one of the surfaces of a material combination that are producing a noise needs to be treated to solve the problem.

Please browse the products below or have a look at the S&R Kit Instruction Insert (that is included with the S&R Kit).

Why not take a look at some of the YouTube videos (opens in new window) we have created to support our Squeaks & Rattles products.