Bearing Lubricants

Lubricant performance in the bearing industry is a major issue – how long and how well it can minimise friction to prevent bearing wear. Nye Lubricants offer an extensive collection of bearing oils and greases. Each is designed to provide an adequate film of lubricant throughout a range of operating temperatures, speeds and loads, and to resist oxidation, thermal breakdown, and evaporation. Some of Nye’s most popular bearing lubricants are listed below. Note: For precision bearing applications, Nye’s ultrafiltration service of bearing oils and greases is recommended.

The following two tables are a partial list of popular Nye Lubricants grease and oil for bearing applications. Additional oil and greases are available to meet a wide variety of niche/high performance applications.

Please scroll down/browse the information to decide which lubricant is most appropriate for your bearing application…..

Grease For Rolling Element Bearings

Grease NameTemp Range (°C)Base Oil & ThickenerNLGI Grade4 Ball Wear ScarRust TestApplication & Product Notes
RHEOLUBE 374A-54 to 175PAO - Lithium Soap20.44mmPassHigh speed bearings, MIL-PRF-32014A.
RHEOLUBE 374B-40 to 150PAO - Lithium Complex20.45mmPassHigh load, lower-speed bearings.
RHEOLUBE 374C-40 to 150PAO - Lithium Complex40.66mmPassLight load, high-speed bearings.
RHEOPLEX 6000HT-40 to 150Alkylated Naphtalene - Sodium Soap20.34mmPassHigh speed bearings.
RHEOLUBE 716R-54 to 150Ester - Lithium Soap20.50mmPassLow noise, low-torque, precision bearings.
RHEOTEMP 500-54 to 175Ester - Sodium Soap1.50.45mm--High speed bearings.
RHEOLUBE 2000-45 to 125MAC - Sodium Soap20.38mm--Aerospace and other low vapour pressure applications. Vapour pressure @ 25u00b0C = 10-8 torr
UNIFLOR 8771-50 to 250PFPE - PTFE20.91mm--Wide-temperature, low torque bearings in extreme environments. Vapour pressure @ 25u00b0C = 10-9 torr

Note: PAO = Polyalphaolefin | MAC = Muli-alklated cyclopentane (Penzane) | PFPE = Perfluoropolyether | PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene

Synthetic Oil For Sintered Bearings

Product NameTemp Range (°C)Viscosity @ 40°CApplication & Product Notes
SYNTHETIC OIL 132B-60 to 12017 cStPAO, plastic compatible, light viscosity oil for improved low torque start-up.
SYNTHETIC OIL 181B-40 to 12549.9 cStPAO, plastic compatible, light viscosity oil; most commonly used viscosity for sintered bearings.
SYNTHETIC OIL 310B-25 to 125550 cStHigh viscosity PAO with additives to reduce friction and wear in sintered iron bearings.
SYNTHETIC OIL 623B-40 to 15054 cStLight viscosity oil, good for porous metal sleeve bearings. Low volatility. Excellent oxidation stability.
SYNTHETIC OIL 634B-40 to 15035 cStLight viscosity polyolester-based oil with copper passivator and anti-wear additives for low torque applications.
UNIFLOR 8920-65 to 250150 cStMedium viscosity, good film strength, exceptional lubricity and chemical inertness, very wide temperature capability.

Note: PAO = Polyalphaolefin

The products mentioned above are the more popular from the range. If you do not find a product that fits your needs then please contact us as we have many more formulations on file for a large variety of application types.