Gear Lubricants

The rolling and sliding actions which occur in all types of gearing, such as spur, helical, worm, spiral bevel or hypoid, present a different type of challenge to lubricants compared to ball or roller bearings. Many designers, especially worm gear designers, are interested in increasing gear box efficiency.
Modern designs require the most in power transfer with minimal noise and heat generation. In some cases, oils are being replaced by specially designed synthetic greases to reduce component cost by eliminating the need for seals and the machining costs associated with oil seal designs. Other gear train designs may have special operating environments including high and low temperature, corrosion and oxidation concerns.

With modern lubricants, these challenges can be met very effectively. Utilising various synthetic base oils and gellants these lubricants not only minimise friction but can inhibit wear and corrosion, dampen noise and control free motion. They can meet broad temperature requirements without oxidising or evaporating. And they can provide manufacturers of today’s power transmission devices with an “edge” that will increase the performance and life of their products.

Please scroll down/browse the information to decide which lubricant is most appropriate for your gear application…..

Product NameTemp Range (°C)Base Oil & ThickenerBase Oil Viscosity @ 40°CNLGI GradeProduct Notes
NYOGEL 788-20 to 125PAO/Polybutene - Silica4091.5Mildly thixotropic, heavy viscosity, grease. Benefits include high film strength over a wide temperature range. Rust inhibitor included.
NYOGEL 792D-30 to 125PAO - Silica15000-000A semi-fluid grease including a thickening agent that upon heat and shear, allows the grease to become even more fluid (almost like an oil), but when the shear and/or temperature are removed it thickens to better stay in place. EP Fortified.
RHEOLUBE 363AX-1-50 to 125PAO - Lithium Soap462Light viscosity grease that is excellent for wide temperature performance. Great all rounder that includes a tackifier, rust inhibitor and is EP fortified.
RHEOLUBE 368AX-1-20 to 125PAO - Lithium Soap2592Medium viscosity grease intended for highly loaded gear applications. Includes a tackifier, rust inhibitor and is EP fortified.
RHEOLUBE 368SM-40 to 120PAO - Lithium Soap2430.5Very soft, medium viscosity grease intended for small motor gear train and similar applications. Good film strength. EP fortified and rust inhibitor included.
RHEOLUBE 377AL-40 to 125PAO - Lithium Soap451A soft, medium viscosity grease intended for high load, low torque gear applications. Both EP and PTFE fortified, also rust inhibitor included.
RHEOLUBE 380-50 to 130PAO/Ester - Lithium Soap322Blended base oil gear grease suited for long life metal gears in automotive starters, power tools, and heavily loaded applications. EP fortified with rust inhibitor also included.
RHEOLUBE 723GR-40 to 125PAO800.5A soft, medium viscosity, grease intended for plastic gear trains, slides and cams.
UNIFLOR 8511-50 to 225PFPE652Medium viscosity, completely fluorinated grease for use in high temperature applications or exposure to fuels or aggressive chemicals. Excellent thermo-oxidative stability and low vapour pressure characteristics.

Note: PAO = Polyalphaolefin | PFPE = Perfluoropolyether | PTFE = Polytetrafluoroethylene | EP = Extreme Pressure

The products mentioned above are the more popular from the range. If you do not find a product that fits your needs then please contact us as we have many more formulations on file for a variety of application types.