Printer Lubricants

Synthetic lubricants play a vital role in office printing equipment. Performance and operating life of products is improved by matching the right lubricant with the right application. A number of printer manufacturers use Nye greases to improve the performance and reliability of their devices. We can only associate our lubricants to specific makes/models were the manufacturer has already chosen to publicise the association. The applications in brief:

Motors: Efficiency and low noise are vital in the high speed, high temperature applications such as this. A PAO based synthetic oil is suitable. Product suggestion – Synthetic Oil 181B.

Gear Trains: The rolling and sliding motion combined with noise and load issues…plastic/rubber compatibility have to be taken into account. A grease is required but a Tackifier additive must be included to reduce any possible ‘sling-off’ from the gears. Product suggestion – Nyogel 744 (Lexmark-NyoGel_744_Uses.pdf)

Fuser Roll: The fuser roll bearing is a high temperature application and so grease with a high temperature capability is required. Product suggestion – Uniflor 8622. If the grounding contact of the fuser roll shaft is an issue consider the transfer current flow through the shaft and extend the bearing life with an electrically conductive grease. Product suggestion – Nyogel 756G which is also an excellent product for eliminating static electricity generated by belt/pulley assemblies.

Uniflor 8172 is used by many printer repair companies on Laser Printer Fuser Belts – both on heated ceramic strip/plastic film coated drum and ceramic strip/metal coated drum.

Connectors: Prevent oxidation, fretting corrosion, protect contact plating (especially with thinner noble plating) and lower insertion/mating forces. Ultimately this results in extending the life of components. Product suggestion – Nyogel 760GRheotemp 761G or Uniflor 8917 (choose product according to upper temperature requirement).

Carriage/Rod Assembly: The use of an oil requires a felt washer or impregnated bearing. A grease eliminates the need for a washer. Other considerations are the surface finish, potential plastic compatibility and ink overspray contamination. Product suggestion – Synthetic Oil 181B or the high spec grease Uniflor 8172.

Carriage Rails: Periodic lubrication of sliding carriage rails is an important part of any maintenance that you can perform on your plotter. Product suggestion – Synthetic Oil 179.

The products mentioned above are the more popular from the range. If you do not find a product that fits your needs then please contact us as we have many more formulations on file for a large variety of application types.