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Clear antifriction coating for squashed rubber seals. Ideal for the rubber seals around windows/sunroofs


AC 602/2 is a clear, energy absorbing  antifriction coating for use on rubber seals that are squashed. The product has excellent anti-squeak properties, is highly elastic and dries clear. The handy felt pen applicator assists application to long rubber seals and edges.
AC 602/2 adheres exceptionally well to flexible rubber. The product eliminates squeaks and sounds that arise when rubber seals rub against glass, metal or plastic (e.g. window and sunroof seals), Even wet glass will not squeak on rubber treated with AC 602/2.

HOW TO USE: Apply with the pen applicator to the seal/surface. An ample amount of the AC 602/2 should be applied. The product must be allowed to penetrate absorbent surfaces and be touch dry before assembly. Resist temptation to rub treated surface with fingers/hands until at least 24 hours after application. The product is fully effective after 24 hours.

Download the AC602/2 Technical Data Sheet(English), Technisches Datenblatt(German), Karty Danych Technicznych(Polish)

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Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

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