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Multipurpose antifriction coating liquid that eliminates vehicle interior trim noise


AC612/21 is an air drying, water based antifriction liquid can be considered a less viscous version of PEOX DF. Milky coloured in bulk but when applied in thin layers is virtually invisible once dry and has excellent anti-squeak properties. The pump spray can be used for large surfaces or to treat hard to reach areas e.g. cracks in dashboards.
AC612/21 is ideal for the treatment of leather, vinyl upholstery or PVC and is suitable for surfaces that are visible by customers due to its invisibility when dry in very thin layers. It is highly elastic and adheres to surfaces very effectively. It prevents stick-slip in dry or moist conditions between surfaces that are rubbed or vibrate against each other.

HOW TO USE: SHAKE THE BOTTLE BEFORE USE. Apply with pump spray and wipe away excess with clean cloth leaving a thin layer. For more precise applications, unscrew pump spray head and dab fluid on to a sponge or cloth. Parts can be mounted while the AC612/21 is still soft although the product is not at full performance until completely dry.

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It should be noted that AC612/21 is a water based product and so should not be applied to unlacquered/untreated metal. The water content in the product will cause the metal surface to rust. Most metalic surfaces on a vehicle are lacquered.

Material Safety Data available on request

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