Hobbyist Lubricant Kit

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Multi-purpose kit of three synthetic lubricants for the professional and amateur hobbyist – will last for years!

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Multi-purpose Hobby Lubricant kit consisting of three synthetic lubricants for the professional and amateur hobbyist. The kit is a premium product that contains enough product to last the typical hobbyist a number of years.

Works well on bearings, gears and precision mechanisms. In addition to lubrication, helps prevent corrosion and oxidation. Great for outdoor and marine environments. Suggested uses:

  • Radio Control Cars/Planes
  • Power Tools
  • HO Trains
  • Sports Equipment
  • Motor/Sailboats

Further Info:

Using the Hobbyist Lubricating Kit from Nye Lubricants will assure peace of mind that your investment is protected. The kit contains three different synthetic oils and grease that can be used on many projects. The kit includes the following:

  • MM176 Synthetic Oil – A specially formulated, heavy synthetic hydrocarbon oil ideal for metal-on-metal(MM) applications. Clear, non-staining, and environmentally safe, it will provide superior wear prevention from -30°F to 250°F.
  • PP269 Synthetic Oil – A versatile, very light synthetic hydrocarbon oil formulated specifically for plastic-on-plastic(PP) applications. PP269 also works great on all of your light load metal applications. Clear, non-staining, and environmentally safe, it will protect your investment from -54°F to 225°F.
  • 362HB Synthetic Grease – A powerhouse grease! This plastic compatible synthetic grease contains several unique performance enhancers, including antioxidants to prevent gumming; anti-rust agents; anti-corrosion additives; Teflon; and a special “tacifier” which ensures this grease stays where it’s put. Off-white in color, this superior synthetic grease will perform at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 250°F.

Testimonials (which were provided to us by our colleague in the US)

“I lubricated a “N” scale locomotive with the Nye lubricants. Using a Fluke Model 87 digital meter to measure the draw, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. After 20 minutes of running, the current draw dropped 14% and a total of 22% after running a total of 50 minutes! I have been a model railroader for 30 years and found these lubricants to be a quality product that works. The Nye Hobby Lubricating Kit is the best I’ve seen”.
Carl Johnson, Jefferson, PA


Review by Model Rail Magazine:

“After a few weeks of testing, on RTR and kit-built models, all three lubricants have proved themselves to be well up to their respective jobs.  Even long-stored locomotives ran sweetly soon after re-oiling and greasing.

For the busy kit-builder or intensive layout operator, these oils come very highly recommended, protecting your priceless models and helping to keep them running for years to come. (GD)”

For full review you can download here:- Model Rail Review.

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