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Grease for the protection of electrical, electronic & data contacts/connections.

Ford: WSB-M1C239-A, GM: 9986807, DaimlerChrysler: MS-9469, Jaguar Land Rover: 223060, JCB: 4003/2418 (100gram tube)



A polyalphaolefin base oil, silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease for the lubrication and protection of electrical, electronic and data contacts. Benefits include water resistance (including salt water).

  • Prevents fretting corrosion
  • Stops water ingress (weatherproofing)
  • Prevents oxidation & corrosion of contact surface
  • Extends life of contacts/connectors
  • Compatible with all metals, including noble metals

Nyogel 760G will also reduce the insertion forces required to mate connectors and so can be used as an assembly aid, especially when working with very large multi-pin connectors that have to be mated in hard to reach areas. Nyogel 760G is compatible with all metals including gold and silver contacts. The product does not degrade current/voltage levels across terminations and also does not cause signal impedance; works with both analogue and digital media. 760G includes a UV dye/tracer additive to aid visibility of the product when applied in thin layers and also a ‘copper deactivator’ to combat verdigris (green coating that builds up on copper when exposed to elements).

Ford: WSB-M1C239-A, GM: 9986807, DaimlerChrysler: MS-9469, Jaguar Land Rover: 223060, JCB: 4003/2418 (100gram tube)

Recommended service temperature range is -40 to 135 C

NyoGel 760G Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

Two test videos that may be of interest. One video demonstrates that using Nyogel 760G does not cause increased circuit resistance when compared to a connector that is unlubricated. The other video demonstrates the water resistance/water ingress protection capabilities of Nyogel 760G. Take a look:


We also have a Nyogel 760G customer case study/testimonial provided by Watling JCB that is can be viewed in PDF.

Nyogel 760G has a UV dye in the formula. As the 760G is translucent/clear it can be difficult to see if the product has been applied during any quality inspection process. The use of a black light in any inspection process makes the inspection easy:

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