NyoGel 767A

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A silica thickened, heavy viscosity grease for components that require a heavy level of damping.


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A silica thickened, heavy viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease intended for mechanical and electromechanical components that require a heavy level of damping. Used to reduce free motion and to quiet operating noise of loosely-fitting components.

Recommended service temperature range is 0 to 125 C

NyoGel 767A Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

We are aware that Nyogel 767A has become very popular with flight simulator game enthusiasts; we’ve had multiple sales of 767A to improve performance of throttle and joystick controllers. Link to a case study (opens in new tab) at our tech support website – Flight Simulator Throttle & Joystick Damping Case Study

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