NyoGel 782D

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Clean burn, medium viscosity, polyglycol based grease for electric contacts exposed to arcing conditions

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A silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic polyglycol grease intended for lubrication of electric contacts exposed to arcing conditions.

Note that NyoGel 782D was used by National Grid engineers on external HV substation contacts but this product has been improved and so National Grid contractors should use Nyogel 782DW which has improved water washout/resistance characteristics. We will continue to sell Nyogel 782D for internal HV contacts (those sheltered from the weather) and we have a number of power distribution cabinet manufacturers that use this product.

Product description continued…Unlike other greases, the base fluid of 782D tends to break down to volatiles under arcing rather than polymerise to a gum or to deposit carbon on the contact surface.

Recommended service temperature range is -20 to 100 C

NyoGel 782D Technical Data Sheet

MSDS available on request

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