PEOX Paste

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Multipurpose antifriction coating paste that eliminates vehicle interior trim noise


PEOX Paste is a water based antifriction paste that is a more viscous version of the PEOX DF and has excellent anti-squeak properties. Although the paste resembles a grease, it is white in bulk but applied in thin layers, will dry to form a colourless coating. A small amount of paste will cover  a wide surface area.
PEOX paste can be used on leather, vinyl upholstery and many hard surfaces. Unlike grease it does not migrate. It is highly elastic and adheres to surfaces very effectively. The clear drying properties  of the paste make it useful even in areas that are visible.

HOW TO USE: Apply the paste using a sponge or cloth and rub out excess. Let the product dry for an invisible result. Drying time varies depending on temperature and humidity but can be speeded up with warm air. Parts can be mounted while the paste is drying although the product is not at full performance until fully dry.

Download the PEOX Paste Technical Data Sheet(English), Technisches Datenblatt(German), Karty Danych Technicznych(Polish)

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Download the S&R Kit Instruction Insert.

Download the LIP product selection guide (1.2mb).

It should be noted that PEOX Paste is a water based product and so should not be applied to unlacquered/untreated metal. The water content in the product will cause the metal surface to rust. Most metalic surfaces on a vehicle are lacquered.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

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