Tribosyn 320 Clear

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Very light viscosity, damping grease  that is clear/translucent in colour; used in a variety of applications and industry sectors to control motion/movement, vibration and noise. Tribosyn 320 is part of the Tribosyn 320 Damping Grease range, the clear version offers the lightest damping effect of the range, but damping effect is a subjective issue and so the term ‘very light’ is only a rough guide.
There are 6 levels of damping effect/damping grease to choose from very light to very heavy. Each grease within the range is coloured according to the product level of damping; the clear damping grease offers the lightest damping effect, the blue version offers the heaviest damping effect and is the stiffest grease from the Tribosyn 320 series, as shown by the product colour chart below:


A polyalphaolefin base oil, silica thickened, very light viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease intended for mechanical components requiring a very light level of damping. Benefits include good water resistance. Clear/translucent in colour.

Recommended service temperature range is -40 to 130°C
SDS available on request. Tribosyn 320 Series Technical Data Sheet (single TDS covering the range).
Note that this is a silicone free grease, silica is not the same as silicone!

There are 6 levels of damping effect/damping grease to choose from. Each of the products is coloured; the level of damping is mostly determined by the viscosity of the base oil in each variant of the 320 damping grease range, as shown below:

Base oil viscosity demonstration/explanation

For more information about damping grease, base oils, thickener systems/types and other support information, please visit our Technical Support website (opens in new tab).

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