Tribosyn 324F-UV

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A durable electrically conductive synthetic grease designed for demanding bearing applications that require static discharge and/or ATEX environments.

Available in a trial size of 30grams for engineering prototype or R&D work; or 100grams for small volume users.


Tribosyn 324F-UV is a lithium soap thickened synthetic hydrocarbon grease specially formulated for industrial applications requiring the lubricant to remain serviceable over a wide temperature range.  PTFE included to enhance the lubricity of the overall formulation. Originally developed for industrial use but now used in a variety of sectors, such as automotive actuators.


  • Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil.
  • Strong antioxidant package for improved thermo-oxidative stability P which burns cleanly when exposed to electrical arcing.
  • Good levels of compatibility with plastics.
  • Fortified with PTFE.
  • Soft NGLI grade 1 grease

Recommended service temperature range is -40 to 150°C

Tribosyn 324F-UV Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

Better pricing available for bulk use, for OEMs/device manufacturers and larger users – contact us.

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