Tribosyn 402

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A durable electrically conductive synthetic grease designed for demanding bearing applications that require static discharge and/or ATEX environments.

Available in a trial size of 30grams for engineering prototype or R&D work; or 100grams for small volume users.


Tribosyn 402 is an inorganically thickened Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) fluid specially formulated for electrical contacts and contacts exposed to arcing conditions. PAG fluids are less prone to form insulative films in the path of an electrical discharge. Why is this important? When an inappropriate grease is used for arcing electrical contacts, the grease will leave a carbon deposit after arcing. Over time a insulative layer can build up on the contact surface, which can lead to generation of heat and a theoretical fire risk. Tribosyn 402 burns cleanly, does not leave carbon deposits and so is a safe grease to use on electrical arcing contacts.


  • PAG base oil which burns cleanly when exposed to electrical arcing.
  • Low oil separation.
  • PAG based greases are normally only applied to metals surfaces as this base oil can have compatibility issues with some plastics (e.g ABS) and elastomers.
  • Silica thickened – Silicone free formula.
  • Soft NGLI grade 1 grease

Recommended service temperature range is -40 to 100°C

Tribosyn 402 Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

Better pricing available for bulk use, for OEMs/device manufacturers and larger users – contact us.

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