Tribosyn 610

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A durable electrically conductive synthetic grease designed for demanding bearing applications that require static discharge and/or ATEX environments.

Available in a trial size of a 30gram jar for engineering prototype or R&D work or a 100gram jar for small volume users.


Tribosyn 610 is an electrically conductive synthetic grease originally designed for demanding bearing applications requiring static discharge. Base oil of the 610 is Ester; conductivity achieved through the use of a conductive carbon thickener .


  • Ester base oil used for excellent metal wear resistance in demanding bearing applications.
  • Conductivity achieved by use of conductive carbon thickener system.
  • Low oil separation, thereby (in bearings) maintaining electrical continuity between ball and race.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidative degradation.
  • Ester base oils can’t cope with high moisture levels.
  • Ester oil based greases can have compatibility issues with some plastics, if this is an issue consider the Tribosyn 362G (PAO base oil).
  • A superb pedigree in ATEX environment bearing applications.
  • Volume resistivity is 100 Ω-cm.
  • NGLI grade 3.

Recommended service temperature range is -40 to 150°C

Tribosyn 610 Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

The Tribosyn 610 is an equivalent/matched product for the old Nyogel 758G which we used to sell.

Better pricing available for bulk use, for OEMs/device manufacturers and larger users – contact us.


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